Welcome Message From Director
Welcome to ZIToD! Our goal is to ensure that you are empowered to deliver the maximum quality services in tourism- related industries beyond your expectations!

We are delighted to see you joining us as our prospective alumnus following the footsteps of the many who have successfully left ZIToD with a reward to their career destination. Obtaining a career is a huge accomplishment and a good number have made it within and abroad through ZIToD. ZIToD is a conducive place where through diligence and determination you are able to smoothly climb every step of career ladder to the point of your destination. At ZIToD you are gradually assisted to grow from a person to a qualified professional.

ZIToD is a pathway to career success, so it is my hope that you would not hesitate joining, making the most of your potential talents and enjoy your time with us.

My best wishes to you.

Zuleikha Kombo Khamis (Ms.)
Dip.(Ed)(NTTC);Adv.Dip.(ELT)( UK);M.Ed.(TESOL)(Leeds);Cert.(ECD)(J'berg)
The Institute Executive Director
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